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Haiyan Jinhan Electronics Technology Co., Ltd was founded on November 18, 2004 which located in No. 485, Yanjia Road, Wanghai Street, Haiyan County, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China
Our goal is to design and manufacture multiple series of products for power systems. With the ISO9001 / ISO9002 approvals, we have always sustained the principle of producing the best quality, best service and best technical skills.
For over 10 years, JINHANCN has contributed and always strived to develop the most durable and stable products for the usage of power systems. We have earned excellent customer feedback and marketing reputation from all over the world.
Our products have been applied to both measuring instruments and power distribution systems for utilities and related industries. And we also have developed various series of products to meet the demands of various marketing such as FP/GP/EP/S3/N3 Series High-reliability Power Transmitter, Transmission Screen, Malfunctional Electric Energy Meter, Temperature Controller etc.
We truly believe that to give our customers the best service is our main purpose and long-term responsibility.
With spirited teamwork, our business has expanded to global markets successfully. All JINHANCN products are originally designed and manufactured (ODM).
We have been researching and developing new high-tech products continually in order to meet increasing demand for electricity. To improve business administration and quality assurance, we run CWQC (company wide quality control) with strict step by step quality compliance to our production procedure in compliance with ISO9001.

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