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Power transducer FP series power Transducer

Quick Overview

FPW型有功功率变送器、FPK型无功功率变送器及FPWK型有功功率/无功功率组合式变送器,是一种能将被测有功功率和无功功率转换成直流输出的仪器。其转换成的直流电流或电压为线性比例输出, 并能反映出被测功率在线路中的传输方向。它们适用于频率为50Hz、60Hz及特殊频率的各种单、三相(平衡或不平衡)线路,配以适当的指示仪表或装置,可广泛地应用于发电厂和输变电系统及其它对功率测量要求较高的场所。

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FPW active power transmitter, FPK reactive power transmitter and FPWK active power/reactive power combined transmitter are instruments that can convert the measured active power and reactive power into DC output. . The converted direct current or voltage is a linear proportional output and reflects the direction of transmission of the measured power in the line. They are suitable for a variety of single and three-phase (balanced or unbalanced) lines with a frequency of 50 Hz, 60 Hz and special frequencies, with appropriate indicating instruments or devices, which can be widely used in power plants and power transmission and transformation systems and other pairs. A place where power measurement is required.

  Model specifications: 

FPW101  :1 phase 2 wires watt
FPW201  :3 phase 3 wires watt
FPW301  :3 phase 4 wires watt
FPWT201   :Dual output(3 phase 3 wires watt)
FPWT301   :Dual output(3 phase 4 wires watt)
FPK101  :1 phase 2 wires Var
FPK201  :3 phase 3 wires Var
FPK301  :3 phase 4 wires Var
FPKT201   :Dual output(3 phase 3 wires Var)
FPKT301   :Dual output(3 phase 4 wires Var)


Accuracy ( 23±3)


0.2% reading / PF ± 0.05% RO

Maximum output load


DC current mode : maximum 10V drop

DC voltage mode : maximum 5mA drive

Dielectric strength


AC 2KV 1 minute between terminals

AC 2.6KV 1 minute / terminals to case

Surge and impulse test


ANSI C37.90 / 1989,IEC 255-3 (1989) 4 KV 1.2 x 50 us

Maximum input over


Current related input

Voltage related input








1.5 x rated / continuous


10xrated/10 seconds

25xrated/1 second

2 x rated / 10 seconds


50xrated/1 second

50xrated/0.5 second



80xrated/0.5 second



Input burden


Current less 0.2 VA; voltage less 0.1 VA

Response time & ripple


≤400 ms for step change 0-99% ripple less 0.5% ro peak to peak



50 ± 2 Hz; 60 ± 2 Hz; 400 ± 5 Hz ( Watt only )



Watt - 2% 3rd, Var - sinusoidal



Temperature range ( 20 to 26°C ) long term stability / year

Maximum 60 ppm / °C less 0.2% draft / year typically..........FPW

Maximum 70 ppm / °C less 0.2% draft / year typically..........FPK

Storage condition


Temperature range -25 to 70, RH 20 to 95% non condensed

Operating condition


Temperature range -20 to 65°C, RH 0 to 99% non condensed

Magnetic field effect


< 0.01% under 100 ampere turns at 1M center

Power dissipation


< 3.5 VA

3.Dimensional Drawings


1.Order form:


1. Standard output calibration

bipolar 0 to ± 1mA for 0 to ± D Watts or Vars

4-12-20mA for -D to 0 to +D Watts or Vars

2. External power mode suitably for all output types

Internal power mode, only suitably for 0-1mA / 0-20mA / 0-1V / 0-5V / 0-10V output

Ordering Information: When signing the order contract, the required model and specifications should be specified in detail. The selected model and specifications should be filled in with the code according to the following format requirements. The special specifications and power correction values are indicated in words.

Example 1: 

FPW201-V1-A2-F1-P2-O8 corrected by 1000 W

Three-phase three-wire active power transmitter

  Input: 100V 5A 50Hz

Power source: AC 220V

Output: 0-±5V/0-±1000W

Example 2: 

FPK201-V1-A2-F1-P2-O1/O8 Corrected by 866var Two outputs

Three-phase three-wire reactive power transmitter

Input: 100V 5A 50Hz

Power source: AC 220V

Output: 0-±1mA/0-±866var


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